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f.shuttle - services aka Frank Schulte und Kalle Laar - Temporäres Klangmuseum
bringen: von exotica zu electronic listening, dj & live-electronics


Frank Schulte combines his instruments into a musical household of electronic instruments. Out of the European tradition from musique concrète he creates noisetales, songlines and dreamscapes in a very specific personal language. He is known for his mixed media peojects, sound installations, music for unknown films but also fo rhis involvement in projects for a New Dance Culture and electronic listening music.

Kalle Laar evolved what amounts to a sculptural approach to sound, and a sense of The Big Picture, uncommon among improvisation's detail fetishists ... he has progressed to the point where his music is almost defiantly original. On recent solo sets, he has played a variety of instruments and turntables over a background of impossibly complex drum machine rhythms. (the wire)

F.S & K.L gehen spielerisch um mit ihrem Klangmaterial, verfremden, schaffen neue Zusammenhänge. Ob Geräusche, Exoticaplatten oder Trancerhythmen, alles wird zum Ausgangspunkt musikalischer Reisen außerhalb der üblichen Routen. F.S & K.L arbeiteten zusammen bei Christian Marclay's 'Les sortilèges', beide haben zahlreiche Tonträger veröffentlicht. F.S organisiert in Köln diverse Events, u.a. das Festival 'joined'