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ZKM Karlsruhe
Nanjang University Singapore
Konferenz des Zentrums für Zeitgeschichtliche Forschung, Potsdam
Deutsches Museum München
Max Planck Gesellschaft

Wir hören Stimmen:
Stampa, Basel
Les Compices, Zürich
Jan van Eyck Academie, Maastricht

Vinyl Lectures - Politics etc.

Lectures: Wir hören Stimmen – Guided by voices

It is fair to assume that ever since man started to talk, he also heard voices. Not necessarily ones connected to other people, but appearing directly in the head. Friendly or menacing, advising, guiding, but always real, if sometimes incomprehensible. Being guided by voices used to be a common experience. These voices have disappeared from our 'normal' lives, replaced by other voices occupying our social, spiritual and political landscape, still friendly or menacing, advising, guiding, but always real, if sometimes imcomprehensible.

To catch the magic of the detached voice and reattach it to an artificial body has long fascinated would-be magicians and scientists alike, from Kempelen’s early voice apparatus to the vocoder. While some tried to learn the secrets of hypnotic speech to train suggestive powers and using new technology to spread their news, others looked for secret messages within these technologies: looking for the voices of the dead hidden in the frequencies floating around us.

Kalle Aldis Laar interest lies in the many different aspects of sound exploring them as sound artist, dj, in creating radio plays and looking for disregarded traces of recent history in the vinyl documents compiled in his Temporary Soundmuseum. His lecture is devoted to various aspects of the voice, looking at and listening to electronic voice phenomena, hypnotists, politicians, talkers and singers submitting suggestive, serious and obscure messages

Hypnose und Verführung. Spezielle Aspekte aus den Bereichen Instruktionen, Heilung, Verführung. Im Zentrum diverse Tonträger, die alle mit Hypnose und Beeinflussung zu tun haben, mit einigen wenigen Blicken ins Jenseits: eine Klangreise ins Land der Suggestionen.

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